Prints are a whole new picture!

These words sounds familiar.

With smartphones, we have a lot of pictures in our pocket. Many of them will be shared on social media, but many more will simply be forgotten: this is why we need to print the most important ones.

It’s the same perception between a PDF on you Kindle, and a real book.

Your love story deserves something you can hold in your hands. As well as fine art prints, wedding albums are the answer.

Will the wedding album last in time? An important question. I have tested a lot of album producers – some good, some not up to standard. This is why I have decided to personally select the material and covers so that you will have an album that will stay with you throughout the years.

I have chosen Professional Albums with modern and contemporary designs in a wide range of colours, shapes and material. Accessories include page edges, initials in metal or debossing which give an original look to your album. Thanks to Wedding Concept – coordinated mini photobooks – you can give your parents, witnesses and friends a precious memory in the style you have chosen for your Album.


25 x 25 cm — 30 x 30 cm — 35 x 35 cm


Horizontal/Landscape: 20 x 27 cm — 32 x 24 cm — 40 x 30 cm;

Vertical: 20 x 27 cm — 20 x 30 cm — 24 x 36 cm — 30 x 40 cm — 30 x 45 cm.